How it Works

We only design bespoke statement pieces. After each piece is completed, we “break the mold.” With this model, each customer knows that her piece will never be seen on anyone else, anytime, anywhere. When we claim that each piece is unique, we mean it. 

You can use an already commissioned piece, featured on our image gallery, as a jumping-off point. We do not expect you – or our team – to completely conjure up new forms, shapes, color combinations and materials with every single piece under our care. We love to stick to the time-honored palette of Palm Beach: bright pinks, lime greens, watery turquoises, oranges and sunny yellows. How could we think that we might imagine anything better? We tend to adhere to the belief that most beads are round, particularly the ones that we hand-sculpt, even though we love to incorporate different shapes in bespoke pieces. We use lots of natural glass: glass pearls, Japanese glass seed beads, Czech glass and molten Ghana glass. And of course, our signature material appears in virtually every bespoke design; our team hand-sculpts and hand-rolls artists clay in rural Rwanda. We adore its organic beauty, and we believe in its power to give work to those on the other side of the world who need it most. 

That said, our goal is to create something special to make YOU happy! Working in tandem with you, we embrace the notion that the artistic process will not only bring joy to you and our makers; it will ‘do good’ amongst the greater global community as well. 

It begins with an inquiry. Kindly email us your thoughts. The next step is a brief, concise phone chat to make sure that we are all on the same page. At this point, we ask for a 50% deposit for the agreed-upon piece and price. Then we go into the mock-up stage: we will send you photos of the imagined piece mocked-up. Once you approve these images, we will finish the piece, sending you images  before we ship. Once final approval is given, the remaining balance will be due prior to shipping. Shipping charges are extra and are quoted separately for each unique piece. 

Get Started

It all starts with a connection. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll set the wheels in motion.